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Testimonials - In Their Own Words

Growing up as a child I was lucky enough to be able to watch beauty pageants on television. From my first experience as a viewer I was captivated and enthralled with excitement and anticipation to witness the elimination, countdown and final crowning. As an adult I know that beauty is a lot more than how someone looks and I had the most fabulous opportunity to take part and achieve a major win as Miss Wales and was able to take part in Miss International and Miss Europe. I am very proud to say that it has given me wonderful opportunities to travel and meet people from all walks of life. My experience as Miss Wales enriched my life for the better, of which I am very proud.
Jane Lloyd, Cwmbran, Miss Wales 1990
I was the youngest contestant of the bunch the year I took part in Miss Wales. I was incredibly shy, very self-conscious and insecure, but Paula and her team and the other incredible women lifted me up and gave me a new perspective on the world and myself. I truly believe taking part in Miss Wales helped shape me into the strong, confident women I am now and really showed me my worth and what I have to offer the world.
Charlotte, Merthyr Tydfil, a finalist in Miss Wales 2012
As a finalist back in 2016, I thoroughly enjoyed the weekend and the lead up to the competition. Miss Wales really catapulted me into success within the industry and I am so grateful to the organisation. The work Paula does really empowers young women and sets them up for life with vital skills. My favourite part about the competition is the empowerment day, I had so much fun getting to know all the ladies that day and really saw women support women. I knew from the moment I entered Miss Wales that I would be back because I enjoyed myself that much.
Lauren, Wrexham, a finalist in Miss Wales 2016
Being Crowned Miss Wales is an amazing achievement for any young woman, but becoming a Miss Wales finalist in the first place is life-changing. Being a Miss Wales finalist helped me become the woman I am today, it gave me a pathway to a life that would not have been possible without it. The Miss Wales organisation helps to connect you with inspiring people and projects, it gives you opportunities to learn and grow, but most importantly it gives you confidence, a sense of independence, and how to learn to love yourself. Through the strong message that runs through out of woman empowerment, you and the other finalists become friends for life. Applying for Miss Wales was the best thing I have ever done, don’t let fear stop you, APPLY NOW, CHANGE YOUR LIFE FOR THE BETTER!
Jessie, Carmarthen, a finalist in Miss Wales 2018
If I were to describe my experience at Miss Wales 2019 in one word it would be, wonderful. Miss Wales was an exceptionally rewarding experience. It is charity orientated and its beliefs and foundations are based upon the charity Beauty with a Purpose. We participated in a well-established and wonderful pageant, and used our platform to influence others, and to give back to those in need. Miss Wales’ heavy charity presence defeats the perceived stereotype. A year of spending time, working and learning with like-minded women culminated in the most incredible friendships. The Miss Wales ethic also supports empowering women and this is something that really inspired me. I was in awe of every woman who stood on the stage with me. In my opinion, Miss Wales is not a competition, but a once in a lifetime opportunity of friendship, charity, compassion, sisterhood and empowerment.
Ella, Cardiff, a finalist in Miss Wales 2019
What an experience! Being a finalist has allowed me to meet the most inspirational people from all walks of life. I have really embraced and used my title, creating positivity in young women’s lives. My aim this year was to change the views of girls who come from the Valleys and show that we are intelligent and beautiful showing that we use the beauty for the good of others. In total I have nearly raised £1500 for the Miss Wales charity. This fantastic amount has left me feeling so proud of myself. The girls in the Miss Wales competition were fantastic and lifelong friends. Everyone was so supportive and lovely to each other it made the journey a thousand times better. If anyone was thinking of entering Miss Wales I would tell them to do it! It is the most wonderful feeling and gives you confidence I thought I never had.
Sarah-Jayne, Caerphilly
What can I say, Miss Wales gave me the confidence I needed to finally get my dream job! From start to finish, the experience was incredible, and I’m forever grateful for the Miss Wales platform. From meeting an incredible bunch of women, a chance to be on TV and the radio, fashion shows, raising money for charity, I really believed in myself by the end of the competition. A year later, I secured my dream job as a police officer and the confidence I gained got me there. My advice is to go for it, you’ll only gain from the experience!
Alice, Newcastle Emlyn, a finalist in Miss Wales 2019
I competed in Miss Wales in 2019 and can honestly say it has enriched my life in so many ways. The glitz and glamour of the pageant is a celebration of our individuality, while our collective desire for positive change is what truly binds us all together as one sisterhood. It has allowed me to network and make friends with women who competed in both my year and previous years. It is a great platform for talking and sharing awareness for the causes which are important to you. It is more than just a competition, but a place for personal growth and development. A place where likeminded souls from all over Wales come together during their months, as a finalist, to create a bond that lasts for many years.
Clarissa, Cardiff, a finalist in Miss Wales 2019