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Here are the young women from across Wales in line for the Miss Wales 2023 crown. After months of challenges, activities and exciting opportunities one of them will be crowned the new Miss Wales and will go on to represent Wales at Miss World. Apply to take part in Miss Wales

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The action-packed three-day final will involve an empowerment day designed to help our finalists grow in confidence; a charity ball to raise funds for disadvantaged children in Wales and a catwalk show in front of a packed theatre audience at The Riverfront in Newport on Saturday 15 April 2023.

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You can vote for your favourite Miss Wales finalist from a mobile phone via SMS. Please read the following information carefully before placing your vote. The winner of the public vote gets a 10 point head start on the leader board, the contestant who gets second place in the public vote gets an eight point head start; and the finalist who comes third in the public vote gets a five point head start. If there is a tie in the competition for any place at the grand final (such as first, second or third place) the position will be given to the contestant who has amassed the highest public vote.

How to vote by text

To place a vote, please text the word WELSH and then a space and then the contestant's name to 64343. The correct spelling for each finalist's name is shown in their individual profile panels below. See bottom of page for full Voting Terms & Conditions

Voting Terms & Conditions

The public voting line is open now and will close at 1pm on Friday 14 April.

Votes made outside this voting period will not be counted but you may still be charged. All voters must be over 18 and have the bill payer's permission. You may receive promotional messages - send STOP to 64343 to opt out.

Each text vote will cost £1 plus standard network charge. Votes can only be made within the UK and Northern Ireland. If for any reason there is a discrepancy between the voting numbers advertised on the website and those advertised on facebook/media/radio or any other platform then the voting numbers on the website will prevail and the vote shall proceed on that basis. Each person can only make a maximum of 20 votes on a daily basis from 12:00am till 11:59pm.

Please note that it is not possible to vote via any other method not specified here. In the event of any technical difficulties or failure or for any other reason beyond the organisers reasonable control that means the public vote cannot be obtained, and/or a tie, the organiser will decide on the result and that result is final.

The winner of the public vote is not necessarily the winner of the competition. Additional contestants may be added to the line-up and public vote at any stage before the final. The organisers reserve the right to disqualify any contestants who do not abide by the rules.

If you have a problem with voting then please email our customer care team at Brought to you by Vibe PR & Marketing Ltd.