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25th March 2021

Our ‘lockdown’ pageant poem…

The stage is empty and the lights can’t shine

How sorely I miss that world of mine

The girls, their stories and the dreams they hold

Inspiring, encouraging, beautiful and bold

The pull of pageantry is a mystery to most

Just an Instagram picture or a Facebook post

But look beyond the smiles and the walk

And you’ll find a woman who is more than just talk

A determination to step up and say

I’ll do my thing and I’ll do it my way

A celebration of the female and womankind

An opportunity to leave insecurities behind

A place where she says she is good enough

And for those who don’t like it, well sorry, tough

It’s a love of being female and all that means

For girls and women living out their dreams

A place of sisterhood where confidence grows

A time of purpose where solidarity shows

A platform that provides a chance to learn

A place where doubts crash and burn

It’s not for everyone and that is fair

But for the woman who is at her best there

A crown is her prize but the winner is she

Because she was brave and said ‘I like me’


By Paula Abbandonato, the director of Miss Wales.


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